Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

lazy oh so lazy

I have no idea why i've been feeling so lazy to do everything recently which makes me somehow get addicted to Bruno Mars latest song called 'The Lazy Song' and not only the song but also the music video which is really funny 

So peeps ,here it is ,and ENJOY THIS VIDEO :) goodnight 


Kamis, 21 April 2011


hello and welcome everybody :) welcome to my super blog hehe :p this is my first post in my blog and actually this blog was made a few months ago but i always don't have time to post some blog haha 

so peeps ,today i went to my boyF's school (read:St.Antonius) which is located in east of Jakarta and near from my school hehehe ,and he didn't know that i was there haha yeah i was deliberate to not to tell him because i want to made a little surprise for him and i cooperate with my friend ,Novita .And today is his last day in school and for him, schools day are over because he was done all of the exams .So now let's pray for him and all of grade 12 student so they can graduate with a super good grade ! AMEN :)

and today i have an unimportant but super fun journey,so when i was in my boyF's school and when we're chatting(read:with my boyF's friends) ,suddenly his headmaster was tell us to leave school and go home,so we (me,my boyF,Andika,Novita,Jogy and Alberto)were run and go into Jogy's car .Initially we were just go to gas station to refuel Jogy's car and we were go around to wait she (read:headmaster of their school) leave their school and suddenly Jogy brought us to Jatibening/Cikunir .Actually he wanted to go to his girlfriend's house which is near with my boyF's house .And when we arrived in there ,we were direct go back to their school haha unimportant ha? but i tell you guys ,it was super fun journey :)

and this is what i wore today .....

brown outwear & highwaist short pants - Pasar Senen , unbranded top , wedges - Charles&Keith

So that's all peeps ,sorry for my horrible grammar and love you all ,goodnight and bye :)